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Scent Descriptions

Lavender + Orange: calming and herbal lavender is brighted up with notes of orange and hints of sage

Beach Blossoms: sea salt mixes with the enticing scent of fressia and fresh roses 

Laundry Day: a fresh and clean blend of cotton, sea salt, ozone, and fresh cucumber

Cactus Flower: a fresh, green floral scent with notes of aloe and cucumber. 

Mocha Latte: an enticing blend of chocolate and coffee aromas

Green Tea + Lemongrass: uplifting lemongrass is balanced with an herbal undertone of green tea

Apple + Cranberry : juicy and fruity, this scent is loved during the fall, or any time of the year!

Spiced Honey: a warm and comforting scent made from sweet honey, vanilla, and clove. 

Bamboo + Birch: fresh bamboo is made even better with the crisp smell of birch to give a spa-like essence.

Mango + Gardenia: a cheerful blend of fruit and floral